Congress Chair:

Prof. Anita C Bundy,


Prof Anita Bundy is Department Head in Occupational Therapy at Colorado State University in the Unites States. From 2002 to 2018 she was Professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Sydney in Australia. Since the 1980s, she has conducted research into children’s play and is recognized as an expert internationally.  Together with Prof Shelly Lane, Anita has edited two textbooks: Sensory Integration: Theory and Practice and Kids Can Be Kid: A Childhood Occupations Approach.

She will be presenting the Keynote topic:

The Art of Sensory Integration: Therapy is More than Science


Scientific Committee Chair:

Prof. Shelly J Lane


Professor Lane moved to Australia after many years of academia in the USA. She served as Department Chair, and Assistant Dean for Research at VCU prior to her move. She now serves  as Discipline Lead for Occupational Therapy at the University of Newcastle in a mentoring, teaching and research role.

Professor Lane has engaged in aspects of pediatric occupational therapy practice, education and scholarship for almost 40 years. Her research has focused broadly on neuroscience applications in occupational therapy and development and sensory processing in children. Topics have included development and sensory processing in children prenatally exposed to substances of abuse; assistive technology and play for children with significant disabilities through the Let’s Play project; early identification of dyspraxia and best practice for young children who have experienced trauma or neglect. Current work includes child playfulness in father-child pairs; fussy eating in children with autism; effectiveness of the Alert® program with children with autism; and understanding the physiologic correlates of sensory modulation disorders and occupational therapy interventions.

She will be presenting the Keynote topic:

Where is the ASI in current conversations about sensory interventions?


List of Scientific Committee Members 

Dr. Shao-Hsia Chang (Taiwan)

Dr. Berta Gándara Gafo (Spain)

Mr. Dai Hu (China)


Dr. Cynthia Lai (Hong Kong)

Dr. Claudia Omairi (Brazil)

Dr. Susanne Smith Roley (United State)

Ms. Kath Smith (United Kingdom)