Day 1

The impact of sensory integration difficulties on family occupation – A Mother’s perspective

By Susan Allen, Dr. Fiona J. KnottAmanda Branson and Prof. Shelly J Lane


Challenges in Sensory Integration and Processing in the Child with Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

By Isabelle Beaudry-Bellefeuille and Tania Moriyon-Iglesias


Examining over-reactivity to defecation related sensations in children with functional defecation disorders

By Isabelle Beaudry-Bellefeuille, Prof. Shelly Lane, Dr. Alison Lane and Eduardo Ramos-Polo


Examining the sensory modulation patterns in children with different subtypes of Cerebral Palsy

By Shanna Louwrens


Day 2

A preliminary look at sensory subtypes in children with Autism: relationships with behavioral and physiologic measures

By Shelly J Lane, Alison E Lane, Tennille Johnson, Ryan Lange, Gabrielle Easey, Leah Rowlandson, Ulrich Schall, and Linda E Campbell


The HIV exposed infant : challenges faced in neurobehaviour and mental health through the lens of sensory integration and the mother-infant dyad

By Gina Rencken


The Influence of the therapy dog (AAT) in Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) according to the International Classification of Functioning (ICF)

By Davor Duić


Designing and building low cost playgrounds to provide enriched sensory experiences in low socio-economic environments

By Annamarie Van Jaarsveld and Allan Kinnear





Sensory processing in children with handwriting difficulties

Shao-Hsia Chang, Yu-Pei Tsai, Jung-Jiun Shie and Nan-Ying Yu


The relationship between sensory processing and muscle tone in children ages 3 to 10

Nan-Ying Yu, Yu-Pei Tsai, Jung- Jiun Shie and Shao-Hsia Chang


A comparison of pattern of sensory processing among Hong Kong Chinese children with typical development, ASD and ADHD

Pui Pui Phoebe Cheung and Man Hong Andrew Siu


IVF Babies and Sensory Processing Difficulties

Geetha M Arora


Profile of paediatirc occupational therapy on sensory intergration practice in Hong Kong

Pui Pui Phoebe Cheung, Ka Man Carmen Cheng and Mei Miu Minny Tang


The Vestibular System and its Influence in the Oral Communication Development

 Maria Garcia Alves and Lénia Ferreira


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